2023 Honduras Year End Update

Greetings from our small corner of Honduras! This past year has brought many changes. Until now, we have only accepted church member’s children in the school with only a few exceptions made. But last year God opened doors to make it possible to move ahead with our vision of opening school to start accepting children from the community. We hope to use this to reach more families with the Gospel and create more opportunities for contact with those around us. This year the school has twelve students and three teachers. Due to the bilingual aspect of teaching them English as well as the fact that most of our children come from difficult home situations, the teacher to student ratio is much lower. God has blessed us with three amazing teachers who are dedicated to working with these students. It has been a blessing to see the school grow this year, but along with that growth comes an increase in expenses.

Church attendance has also grown quite a bit over that last few months as four new families from another church have started attending here. It has been a huge blessing to have more people involved in the Lord’s work. There are so many people hungry for God’s word and the need for more laborers is still great.

Please pray for the church and school. Pray for the work here in Honduras, that we could continue to be a light in the darkness around us. The financial needs are many, and we are very grateful for those who have supported us financially in the past and continue bless us in this way. May God bless you all!

Hannah Yoder, Lighthouse Ministries, Honduras