Digital Manna Project


Digital Manna seeks to provide digital resources in Spanish and make them accessible to people all over the world. 


1. Deliver Christian resources into the seeker’s hands in a digital format. With Spanish being the second largest native language in the world and 21 Spanish-speaking countries, there is an ample mission field. There are many borders and barriers between these countries, and digital downloads is one way to help overcome them.

2. Provide our churches in Latin America with free resources to download. There are churches being planted in difficult locations, with little access to Anabaptist literature. It is a great blessing for our small churches to have access to free resources they can download and share with their neighbor.



        Visit the Digital Manna website to see the latest newsletter, make a donation, or browse Spanish resources.


        You can also help your Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters in Christ by donating today.