Haiti School Project

I visited École Communautaire Gédéon Laurencilin Colombier; Mahotier, Northwest Haiti.

According to the Principal of the school Mr. Raoul Jean-Louis, the school was founded in 2008 by the people of the community. Their vision is to is to fight against illiteracy in their community, but because of lack of resources they cannot support the school. The grades are mixed 2nd grade with 3rd grade, 5th grade with 6th grade, and because of this, the students have difficulty learning. The inside of the school needs to be repaired; the classrooms are not divided, the boards need to be replaced, and the benches need to be fixed.

I have met the students, and my heart melted to see their situation; it is horrible. Most of them don’t have uniforms, they wear torn shoes, and they are hungry. It’s difficult for students to learn in such a situation.  God speaks into my heart to work this people to reach his children in Community of Colombier.

I talked to the principal of the school, and he said for the next year of school, if the school has sponsor, the students will able to come to school for free. He said he needs sponsors to pay the teachers, to divide the room into classes, and to provide food for the students to eat at school every day of class. I hope God can open the doors and make way where there is no way.

-Christnet Fertilus, Passe Catabois, Haiti

Deed and Truth Ministries is working with Christnet Fertilus to give these children a good education and nutritious food, which will give them a chance to rise above poverty. For the year 2023-2024, we are putting 70 children through school and hope to continue to expand our efforts.

For just $215, you can send a Haitian child to school for a whole year, plus provide him or her with a nutritious meal every day! For $2,130, you can sponsor a whole school (100 kids) for a month.