Mexico 2023 Update

I want to express our gratitude for the financial help you have been to us here. I really don’t know how we could do the things we do without your help. First of all, thank you for the money to help buy the pickup truck. I am not sure all the particulars, but I understand that you paid for more than half of it. We really need a truck that is dependable and this one has been perfect for our mission’s needs. We haul lots of people and stuff on very rugged dirt roads. We have used it to haul food for a distribution and patients to the hospital on several occasions. I’m sure that it will continue to be a blessing to the Tarahumara people for years.

Also, this past November, Deed and Truth Ministries helped finance our church’s camp meetings. We hauled about 86 Christian Tarahumara from six villages some eight hours away to preach, share their testimonies, and sing. We also bought a cow and butchered it. Counting the unbelievers and all, there were a total of 280 Tarahumara. We fed them six meals Friday night through Sunday noon. There’s no way we as a church here could have done it without your help. Thank you to each one for your continued help and belief in us here in Rekomachi.

Johnathan Pinkham