Haiti Programs December 2022 Update

We’re so thankful to God for another year of opportunity and the resources he provided to help advance His kingdom and make life a little better for some of the poorest of the poor. 

We ended a successful school term 2021/2022 in June. Usually, the next term would have started in September, but due to the chaos and instability of the country, we were not able to start on time this year. Our new start date is January 2023. We are using this extra vacation time to do some major rebuilding and expanding of the old school building to help us better meet the needs of our approximately 400 students. We thank everyone who donated funds to make it possible for all of these little ones to receive the books and supplies they needed, plus a daily meal and wages for the teachers. 

We are so happy to report that the savings program is alive and growing. We currently have approximately 5,000 individuals enrolled as members of our groups. In the program, they receive spiritual and family teaching as well as teaching on how to run a successful business and money management. Many people have received loans within their savings group and are operating successful businesses, which is a huge blessing to their families and communities. 

Our hospital that we’re building in the mountains is in its first phase. Because of the great great need for medical care in that area, we are starting with a small part that we can use to hold clinic days until we have funds to continue building. We have a hard-working crew who are doing their best to get the roof on by January. Meanwhile, we are so thankful for funds that enabled us to do mobile clinics in remote areas that have no access to even basic medical care. The need for medical care in the mountains is crucial. Even in good times, medical care in Haiti is sketchy but now, a lot of hospitals are closed or have very limited resources. Many people who live in remote areas simply suffer and die because there’s no chance for them to find help. We pray that many people can find hope for their souls and healing for their bodies in our mobile clinics and in the hospital we’re building. 

Sujet has been on the move a lot as usual as he does a lot of church work. Usually he travels throughout the country of Haiti doing a lot of preaching and Bible teaching for seminars and revival meetings, but this year travel has been difficult or impossible so his church work has stayed closer to home. 

Due to the family spending an extended time stateside this past year, our nutrition program took a pause. Now, we are back in the country and settled in and working on getting our program back up and running. Our goal is to provide spiritual food along with physical food and provide health and hygiene education. We are so thankful for funds to buy milk for hungry babies and groceries to make food parcels for needy families. The needs are so great, but we give our loaves and fishes to Jesus and pray that he will multiply them and use them to minister to many people.