Ukraine June 2021

June 2021 Update

We have  good news on the school! We now have an official registration for the school, which is like a license! 

This year has been difficult and very different due to COVID-19, but we have survived. The children are enjoying school and we have great teachers. We are working on how to inspire the children all the time, especially during remote studies. The children are now able to come to the school daily. 

We will finish this year’s school term with 55 students. We still have the same vision to provide affordable schooling for those who can’t afford it. We realize this isn’t a good business model, but it’s The Lord’s model!

We are called a private school with Christian values, but in September we would like to rename the school. It is important to have no questions and  to reflect what and why we are doing this. 

We do have blessings from God in different ways! The children are in a good Ukrainian program and also in a good English program as well. We are also bringing a Christian view of life and information, which is very important.

As always we are facing some new challenges. We need to add one more class for the first graders. We are also thinking of providing our own means of transportation to the school. 

In short, Praise The Lord for this possibility to serve children! He has given us everything we have needed up until now. We see His Almighty Hand over us. Praise The Lord we are growing! This is also a sign we are doing thing right.

We do make mistakes and are learning all the time. We would like to be able to continue to grow the program if possible, but everything is in The Lord’s Hands. 

Thanks for helping us cover the expenses for five handicapped children for about six months this year! That was a wonderful blessing!

We are thankful to The Lord for you and your kind hearts!

Sasha Ryabiy (Ukraine)