Ukrainian Refugee Report 3-19-22

Ukrainian Refugee Report 3-19-22

Update from AURA – March 19, 2022

God’s people are promised many good things but escape from suffering is not one of them. Our Savior is a suffering Christ; His suffering has been the healing of multitudes. 

Hearts around the whole world grieve and sympathize with the suffering and loss of the Ukrainian people today. What they are experiencing is a possible experience for any people tomorrow. 

As children of God, brothers and sisters of a suffering-scarred Savior, we cannot but care when others lack food, medicine, and other essentials. Yet there remains a greater need than earthly sustenance, the need for peace and eternal hope for the soul. Human suffering does one of two things, it either hardens or softens the heart. Which, is a personal choice. 

Millions of Ukrainian unbelievers and those who know something about God are making the decision of what suffering will do to them. It is an opportune moment for God’s children to speak words of life. 

We share just a few of the stories and opportunities of this week: 

In the Zaporizhian area, donations through Deed and Truth have allowed believers to purchase food and other essentials. Our contacts report a great spiritual hunger as well. They have a vision of teams going out to both villagers and soldiers, offering sandwiches, literature, and an opportunity for a one-on-one conversation about the Prince of Peace. They report having up to 400 men willing to help if God supplies the funds for food and literature. Currently we have only a small portion of needed funds for this effort. 

On Thursday Pastor Pavlo from Kharkiv region informed us they have run out of funds to buy food for the over 50 refugees in their care. In addition, they are also helping many mothers and young children. Pavlo’s daughter and son-in law Maxime from 1,000 kilometers away in southern Ukraine traveled to the Kharkiv region with their vehicle loaded with baby food, supplies, and meds. 

Maxime writes: We thank God that He heard many children crying from hunger, and now we will be able to buy more baby food and bring it to refugees and those who are under shelling in Kharkiv. 

He also asks for prayer that God would protect his vehicle from being confiscated for use by the army. Travel to buy supplies and deliver them requires going through many checkpoints and dangerous areas.