Ukrainian Refugee Report 4-8-22

Thanks From Recipients 4-8-22

“Thank you for the blessings of God! Today the Church was again talking about evacuation. Sisters in the Church, especially young sisters, are very afraid of military operations and Russian soldiers. We know and see their cruelty, but the pastor of the Church encourages Christians to be faithful and serve the people here, not to run away from difficulties and suffering. All neighboring Churches from our area have already left for Western Europe. Of the big Churches, small groups of old people and the most courageous remained. Every day we see a lot of tanks and military equipment of the Ukrainian army, which is moving to the East of Ukraine. And we know that very soon there will be a big battle here, but the brothers in the Church decided not to leave yet. There are 467 people in this Church today. They are members of the church, children and youth, residents of the House of Hope, and refugees, not members of the church. The Church also provides help for several thousand unbelievers who live near us. Right now, as I write, tanks drove past our house along the highway, making a strong roar. We can only rely on the mercy of God!!!” 


House of Hope

House of Hope was founded by my wife Vera, even before I met her. The building was built by believers with their own hands. Many God-fearing Christians to whom God gave such a desire helped to buy building materials. The House of Hope is not registered, as the law does not require it in our country due to it being considered a private house. Only Christians work there for little pay. Elderly people live here who have nowhere else to live for various reasons. Some of them are believers and some are not believers yet. Three times a day they gather to eat and read the Bible and pray. There are bedridden patients and now there are people who have lost their homes because of the war. These people donate their pensions, and we ask God for the rest of the money.

-Maxime Bribnohod