Mayangna Hurricane Relief Project

The Mayangna people are an isolated indigenous Central American people group living on the east coast of Nicaragua and Honduras.  In Nicaragua, due to the general poverty and political unrest, there are very few opportunities for the Mayangna people. 

Recently, hurricane Julia has affected the entire Mayangna territory with rains and flooding.  This has contaminated the water supply and destroyed houses and plots of cassava, beans, and rice.  This is causing hunger and disease among the Mayangnas, and because they are isolated in an already very poor country, they are not receiving any aid.  Nicaraguan organizations are attempting to help, but they do not have adequate funds.  

Deed and Truth Ministries is providing funding to these organizations so they are able to help the Mayangna people in the following ways: 

  1. Buy corn, bean, and rice seeds.
  2. Construction of a communal well. 
  3. Help for widowed women. 
  4. Provide food for the Mayangna people as they recover from the hurricane.

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