Year-End Update from Passe Catabois, Haiti

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting our ministry to allow the kids of this community to have access to education, water, and food at school.  Another positive impact is our young men do not have to go to the Dominican Republic because they have jobs.  I could not have imagined how God is working in our community.

As you can see at this moment, everyone is focused on Haiti and the situation is difficult for people. But thanks to God, our school is working. I never known a moment like this before.  Our country has no government, food is expensive, and the gangs have power to do what they want and when they want.  A family is living with $2 or $3 every day. At this moment, a bag of rice is costing $42; before the death of President Jovenel Moise it cost $19. Gasoline is $16 a gallon and rising.  We are so thankful for your assistance with food and income during this time and hope this program can continue. 

Together we can, together everything is possible.

Chrisnet Fertilus, Passe Catabois, Haiti