Mexico January 2022

January 2022 Update

Its my priviledge to write a thank you and small report to Deed and Truth Ministries at the end of another blessed year.

We were able by God’s grace on us, to use the backpacks donated by Deed and Truth to do three hiking trips into a number of areas that as far as we know had never heard of Christ and His gospel. We were able to hand out at their remote homes hundreds of MP3 players with 260 some recordings in the Tarahumara language including sermons, the Bible, testimonies, and clear salvation messages. Nothing has torn or broken on these ministry packs which is noteworthy all considered. Thank you to all who made that possible.

Also, a few months ago Deed and Truth Ministries donated a 15 passenger van to us. With the birth of our 7th child in October, we needed something bigger and more reliable. We looked at a number of options but finally settled on a 2014 Chevy. Some of the other makes were really neat but are not very readily fixed here.

Our family’s dream was to go stateside to visit over Christmas, but my wife Martha only has a US tourist visa so she was barred from the US until November, and then only after proof of vaccination. We have already had covid. 😊 So we are praying things will open up to where we can cross as a family. But the van has been a tremendous blessing already, hauling us 11 hikers and our packs 3hrs to our southern trailhead in a rain, then picking us up and bringing us 5hrs back to our starting point a week later.

Also a lot of our community have found it helpful. We even had a representative on board from Samachique when we drove an hour to all shop for our Christmas gift exchange.

The van will never be able to make it back here to Recomachi, our home, but as a road vehicle it’s just what we needed. Thanks again!

– Johnathan