Haiti Programs

Haiti Programs

Bethesda House of Mercy Ministries:

Haiti is facing the worst economic crisis in its history and desperately needs help. Many people lack employment and daily food. Our mission at Bethesda House of Mercy is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the needy around us, offering them practical help, enabling them to achieve a better quality of life, and leading them to the only Giver of eternal life – Jesus Christ.

Your prayers and support for this ministry are greatly valued. Our people gain so much hope when they know that someone sees and cares about the hard times they are facing.

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Haiti Nutrition Program

Our Nutrition Program focuses on showing Jesus’ care to children, the elderly, and the homeless street dwellers (known as “crazy people” here in Haiti), offering them a place where they can find healing for their bodies and souls. We provide the following services:

  • Food parcels to nutritionally support children and their parents
  • Short-term in-home care for sick or malnourished children
  • Nutritious meals for the homeless
  • Education about nutrition, hygiene, health, and breastfeeding
  • Medical check-ups
  • Financial help with needed medicine
  • A place to shower and get hair cut or combed
  • Scripture teaching led by a local pastor

After finding help in our Nutrition Program, people have the opportunity to learn to provide for themselves in our Savings Program.

Preparing food for the homeless     Caring for malnourished infants

Haiti Savings Program

With long-term solutions to Haiti’s economic crisis in view, we are not waiting for people to do for us what we can do ourselves. We began the Savings Program in August 2018 with the vision of helping people to understand their value in Jesus Christ and assisting them in using their God-given talents and abilities to provide for their families.

We currently have over 100 groups and nearly 6,000 members meeting regularly for accountability and teaching about their spiritual lives, finances, and business management. Participants in the program save up money and loan to each other to help build their new businesses. This program has changed many people’s lives! And many more keep asking to join, but we are waiting to expand until we have more resources and group facilitators.

Savings Program meeting in session

Savings Program group facilitators (pictured above) work hard to teach and help the members of their groups. They volunteer with no payment except for a small amount of money for transportation. Some volunteer with no financial help.

Haiti School Program

High in the beautiful, rugged mountains, children have little opportunity to learn about God or to improve their quality of life. Formal education has not been available to them. Our goal in the School Program is to offer them hope and a brighter future through teaching the Bible and providing a quality education.

Our school is in a very poor area. Many families cannot afford to buy the necessary books and school supplies. We constantly need funds to help purchase those items for the neediest children. When we have enough resources, we also provide a daily meal for each of our students. For some children, it’s the only meal they will get in a day. We are always grateful for donations to help buy food, books, and supplies for the students as well as to pay wages for the teachers and cooks.

Haiti Clinic Project

The clinic we are building in the mountains is strategically located in the center of eight regions with a combined population of more than four hundred thousand people. Many of them have no option for medical help when a need or emergency arises. Some must be carried for hours in order to find help. The local people are very excited about the clinic, since they do not even have access to pain relievers or adhesive bandages.

Working on the clinic basement

Exterior view of clinic building

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