Haiti Programs

Haiti Programs

Bethesda House of Mercy:

The dream of the Bethesda House is to have a healing center where we can provide the following services:
– Nutritional support to children and their parents
– Short-term in-home care for sick or malnourished children
– Education about nutrition, hygiene, and health
– Scripture teaching program by a local pastor
– Potentially offer some therapy for special needs children
– Potentially offer education and support for breastfeeding

Secondly, we would like to minister to poor, elderly people and homeless street dwellers known as “crazy people” here in Haiti. We want to provide nutritional, medical, and spiritual support and education through these avenues:
– A nutritional meal 3-4 days a week
– A place to take a shower and get their hair cut or combed
– A monthly check by a local medical doctor and financial help with needed meds
– A spiritual teaching program by a local pastor

Basically, I want it to be a community outreach program to spread the love and care of Jesus to the most needy and vulnerable around us; a place where people can find healing for their bodies and souls.

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Haiti Savings Program:

The vision of the savings program is first to help people think in a positive way about themselves, their families, and their lives. We help them understand their value in Jesus Christ and help them use their God-given talents and abilities to work and provide for themselves and their families.  We do this by providing teaching, accountability, business mentoring and small loans to help them physically and spiritually.

We are not waiting for people to do for us what we can do ourselves. Then God will provide a way to do for us what we cannot do.

We started in August of 2018 and by November 2018, we had 2,008 members. At that point we had to stop adding people because of economical problems, even though many people keep asking for a chance to be in the program. The people who help in the program get a little bit of money to help with transportation, but we don’t have the resources to pay wages. Some even work as volunteers and don’t get anything.

A lot of people like to help with projects they can see as in building a church, a home for a needy family, etc., and that is certainly needed, but with the savings program, we want to focus on the long term and help people help themselves. It’s a program that Haiti needs badly in the face of the worst economical crisis in its history.

“A group of Haitians gathered together and bought a moto for our savings program. It cost about $1,000. The man we bought it for is a teacher for our program. He lives in a town about 4 hours, driving on a moto, from here. He will use the moto to travel to different areas to teach people, put the savings program in place, and mentor groups. Without that, he cannot do his job. The money we receive from Deed And Truth Ministries we plan to use to pay wages to our teachers.” -Haiti Saving Program Recipient


Haiti School Program:

The school house we had was built using mostly wood and tin. It was severely damaged in the last couple years by a hurricane and an earthquake. It was too small for our 400 students and no longer safe to use. We’ve been rebuilding and expanding the school house using rocks, cement blocks, and concrete to make a building strong enough to hopefully withstand storms.

Our school is in a very poor mountain area where many families cannot afford to buy the books and school supplies needed for their children, so we are in constant need of funds to help purchase those items for the neediest children. We also provide a daily meal for each of our students. For some children, it’s the only meal they will get in a day. We are always grateful for donations to help buy the food for the students as well as to pay wages for the teachers and cooks.
The original school building.
Building a new school house.